Freedom to Operate

Freedom to operate search is conducted to ensure whether your innovation (product, process or service) is infringing the unlicensed intellectual property (IP) rights of third parties. It is a jurisdiction specific search that can be performed at any stage of product development life cycle. The results of freedom to operate study helps in determining the direction of product development and getting the product cleared for marketing in a desirable country.
Performing freedom to operate search prior to launching your innovation (product, process or services) into market is of utmost importance primarily:

  • To mitigate the risk of infringement suit which can result in expensive litigation procedures and/or forcing the company force you to withdraw a product from the market
  • To enhance confidence while taking difficult decisions regarding proceeding with the research, development and/or commercial production of a new product or process
  • For strategizing business expansion plans i.e. whether to extend your business to new markets, exploring licensing and/or acquisition options

We, at Winsome IP, meticulously perform Freedom to operate studies by first breaking the product or process into its fundamental components and then identifying the key technology. Thereafter, a customized cost efficient solution is designed by targeting the technology identified and geographies/markets of interest.

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