Patentability Search

A Patentability/ Novelty Search is conducted to evaluate the novelty of an invention with respect to the already existing prior art. It is conducted prior to committing the resources of time and money required for the preparation and filing of a patent application.

Patentability/ Novelty Searches can be used for:

  • Evaluating a particular invention
  • Providing an insight into the already existing technologies
  • Drafting the claims of the invention

We, at Winsome IP, understand the importance of a thorough in-depth patent research.

  • We search international patent databases and relevant international non-patent literature to have a deep insight into the technology area.
  • Our Technical experts formulate best strategies/methodologies to unveil the relevant and essential information.
  • We prepare customized Deliverables which are easily readable with focus on the Search Methodology, Search Results and Conclusions.
  • We deliver highly cost-effective search with no compromise on the quality

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