Patent Prosecution

Filing a response to an office action is not an easy task. Any language limiting the scope of the claims in the response, acts as an estoppel and the surrendered rights cannot be reclaimed throughout the lifecycle of the patent. Another part of filing a response is clearly and convincingly differentiating your invention from the prior art references cited by the examiner.

We, at Winsome IP, possess both technical and legal skills to draft comprehensive response to office actions of applications filed in USA, EP and India. We clearly differentiate the inventions from the cited references and make sure that we limit the scope of the claims as less as possible both through amendments and estoppel.

We can also help your attorneys file office action responses by doing the technical analysis.

Directed Prosecution

Do you want claims on which products/services/standard infringe? We, at Winsome IP, will analyze the pending claims of your patent application and develop preliminary EoU/Claim charts on products and standards. Based on these charts, we will give you suggestions on how to amend the claims during prosecution.

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