IP Management

Intellectual property asset management services enable Corporations to lay down the roadmap for patent filing, protection and monetization. Any competitive organization needs to effectively analyze the patenting activity in the domain of their interests. This helps them to understand and predict the direction in which market is heading.

Depending upon specific situations different types of studies need to be performed. Further, these studies can be performed throughout the product lifecycle (i.e. from ideation to marketing or monetization). However, the basic underlying principle remains the same i.e. effectively manage IP assets. Some of the key studies which can be considered under the IP management are as provided below:

Landscape Study

This study is aimed at understanding the overall patenting activity in a particular domain. The outcome of this study gives clear indication what is already there and what are the potential opportunities.

Patent Portfolio Management

The objective of this study is to assess the patent portfolio of a particular organization and identify the action items such as what can be licensed in or licensed out, what technologies can be abandoned, and what are the key focus areas. This study needs to be performed periodically in order to be competitive and profitable.

Competitive Intelligence

This study is conducted mainly to assess the strength and weaknesses of your competitors and benchmarking yourself against them.

Tech Alerts

The technology alerts keep you abreast with latest technologies and prepare you for future changes. This is extremely important study as any new technology developed today can be potential opportunity or threat for your existing product range.

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