Landscape Study

Patent landscape study is a research process which involves exhaustive search for patents, scientific literature and their analysis. This study gives competitive view of a technology area to provide an overview of patent ownership, patent scope and chronological development activities in a technical field of interest. The output of patent landscape study empowers you to take difficult business decisions, gain competitive edge and gives direction to your R&D efforts.

For any research oriented company performing patent landscape study, prior to entering into any new business venture, is of utmost importance primarily because of the following reasons:

  • To understand overall trends in patenting activities over time, jurisdiction, and technology segment
  • To identify prominent technology leaders and understand their patent filing strategies
  • To identify innovation focus of companies in the given broad-spectrum of technology
  • To identify new players in the technology space
  • To assess the strengths and weaknesses of own and competitors’ technology portfolios
  • To figure out the unexplored/less explored regions of technology area and evaluate the possibility of innovation or investment in it
  • To figure out potential targets for mergers and acquisitions

We, at Winsome IP, are competent in providing high quality detailed oriented patent landscape reports which help you in strategizing your R&D and IP activities. Our reports are customized by keeping in mind your specific requirements.

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