IP Creation

The global economic environment is changing at a very fast pace and this is imparting huge pressure on development and sustainability of business ventures. These days, IP is transitioning from exclusively a legal matter to business strategy issue. In this highly competitive business world, you cannot afford to undermine the importance of creating and protecting Intellectual property assets. Though, unlike the physical assets they are not tangible, but they have vital impact on your business. The quality and size of patent portfolio of a company determines its reputation, the level of returns on investments, and access to the market. In the present scenario, a company’s worth is decided on the basis of its intangible assets i.e. its intellectual property. This can be attributed to the fact that it’s your IP assets which make your business unique.

The IP assets especially patents owned by an organization play pivotal role in its growth, as they impart uniqueness to their products and services. Also, you gain edge over your business competitors if you have quality patents. IP assets creation requires some holistic thought process and direction. Further, owing to the complexities involved in this task, it is important to engage qualified and experienced professionals.

We, at Winsome IP work closely with individual inventors, technology start-ups and big corporations to create IP wealth. Some of the representative services which we offer for creating your IP assets are:

Patent Drafting

Patent Prosecution

Patent Proofreading

Defensive Publication

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