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The rapid advancement of technology has changed the way the world operates. With so many remarkable things happening in the science and tech worlds, it’s really hard to keep yourself updated. The volume of scientific information getting published these days is increasing at an enormous pace, be it patent, journal articles, news, blogs etc.

For any innovative organization, it is of utmost importance to read latest publications in the technical field of their interest. This helps them to keep abreast with latest advancements and gain competitive edge. However, it is herculean task for any individual inventor or organization to search, shortlist, analyze and maintain records of interesting patent results, articles or news etc. Further, it is not very productive that individual inventors of any organization hunt for similar sort of scientific information and that too independently of each other. A lot of precious time could be saved if you engage professionals to provide you technology alerting services.

There are various ways of tracking the technological advancements. Some of the representative or most commonly availed alert services are:

Technology Monitoring

In this type of alert service, a particular technology domain of your interest is tracked. We conduct specialized searches to identify patent results, journal articles and product news of your interest. Further, the relevant results are shared with you via reports or email alerts.

Competitor Watch

In this type of alert service, we track the IP activities of major players/ competitors in the technology domain of your interest. Additionally, individual inventors can also be monitored. The alerts report contains patents, scientific articles, product news, business news etc.

Legal Status Watch

In this alert service, Legal Status of desired patent applications is tracked periodically. The output of this exercise gives you strategic insights into competitors patenting activity or change of interest. Additionally, this service is also useful if you want to search for any abandoned/ rejected/expired patents in a particular domain so that you are free to use that technology without any legal risks.

We, at Winsome IP, provide Alert services which are customized as per your requirements. Further, these can be conducted on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Our goal is to provide in depth reports to you so that you can monitor competitive scenarios, stakeholder interests, and make better strategic decisions.

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