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In order to take well informed decisions, it is always advisable to invest time and resources in information searching. The information can be of multiple types such as patents, scientific literature, product descriptions, article etc. Depending on the type of situation you are in, the information required will be different. For instance, if you want to launch a product in the market then the relevant information for you will be patent/patent applications, as this will help you to ensure whether you have freedom to practice or not.

Performing patent information searching is associated with lot of challenges and requires thorough knowledge of database functionalities and domain expertise. It is always preferred to engage professionals to help you out in identifying, retrieving and interpreting patents. The accurate and up to date information will boost your confidence in taking vital business decisions and will eventually save your resources and time.

Our team consists of highly qualified techno-legal professionals who work on information searching and analyzing projects. They possess extensive experience and are trained from world renowned organizations such as Won and Sci-edge. They work in collaboration with your inventors, attorneys or subject matter experts in order to deliver you the quality output.

Winsome IP is well-positioned to provide you information searching and analyzing services with excellent quality at very competitive prices. Depending on your specific requirements, we prepare customized solutions for you. Our reports are easily understandable and are customized according to your convenience. We have vast experience in providing high quality information searching and analyzing services in wide range of technical domains. Some of the representative examples of these services include:

Patentability Search

Validity/Invalidity Search

Freedom To Operate

Structure Searches

State of the Art Search

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