Patent Portfolio Management

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management (IPM) is extremely significant for business, academic, and legal entities. The overall process of patent portfolio management involves planning, gathering, and analyzing IP information. A typical procedure involves designing an appropriate taxonomy structure and mapping the patent portfolio on the taxonomy.

Patent portfolio management is of utmost importance to you for:

  • Getting an insight into your patent portfolio, knowing about your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly planning for the future
  • Managing your patents and benchmarking your patent portfolio to your competitors
  • Gaining competitive edge and achieving enhanced efficiency levels
  • Optimizing R&D costs, reducing patent expenses over the long haul, and minimizing the potential for patent infringement and litigation risk
  • Strategic decision making

We, at Winsome IP, help you effectively manage your intangible assets, strategize R&D investments and identify unused patents in the portfolio for licensing. The actionable insights provided by our team assist clients in gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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