Our Client Relationship Models

In order to effectively serve your business requirements, we provide our solutions/services through some flexible client engagement models. Depending on your specific requirements, we propose appropriate engagement model. The primary factors on the basis of which engagement model is selected are timelines, budget and specific project requirements. We are always open to customizing the engagement model to suit your needs. The underlying principle remains the same i.e. to build trust based relationship and nurture it continuously.

In the following section, we have outlined the salient features of some of the most commonly exploited client engagement models through which we offer our services.

In project based engagement model, your work is delivered on an ad hoc/as needed basis. This model is also known as On Demand project model.
In this model, you share your project requirements with us for which we prepare a formal project proposal. The proposal contains the project understanding, project scope, execution methodology, timelines, and estimated cost. Thereafter, we will share the proposal with you for your review. After receiving your approval on the proposal, we initiate the project in our workflow. The output (i.e. interim and final report) is delivered in pre-agreed formats and as per the timelines mentioned in project proposal. Throughout the project execution, we keep you updated on the project’s progress via emails, phone etc.
This model works best for you if it is difficult for you to forecast workflow or you require any immediate support for executing a project.
In this engagement model, we hold on to some fixed number of hours for you on a quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. In this model, the number of hours is fixed in advanced, whereas the work scope may change depending upon your requirements. We offer discounted hourly charge rate to you in this model and the extent of discount depends upon the number of hours booked by you.
This model works best if you have some predefined tasks which need to be performed periodically such as technology or litigation alerts, newsletters etc. These are only some of the representative studies which can be performed under this engagement model.
This is the most cost effective and high quality output engagement model. Here, we allocate predefined number of professional’s i.e. full time equivalents (FTEs) to you, who will work only with you and your staff. This engagement allows us to create standardized processes for project execution that are in line with your specific requirements and thus efficiency gain is maximized. This engagement model helps you to achieve high quality output and value addition in deliverables as the team or FTE’s working on your requirements remains the same.
This model works best when you have constant workflow and you want dedicated resources who can work on your projects. Further, you can create some very useful resources by investing in training them on your specific technology segments. We also encourage FTE’s visit to your premises for process standardization, onsite training and efficiency improvement.