IP Monetization and Acquisition

The market for buying and selling patents has grown exponentially in recent years. Technology firms having large patent portfolios desire a return of investment by strategically licensing/selling patents not related to the core of their operations. On the other hand, firms looking for freedom to operate, stopping competitors from entering certain markets and enforcing patents against an aggressor want to acquire/buy patents. Cross licensing between players operating in the same technology domain is becoming a common occurrence.

We at Winsome IP, assist you at each stage of buying and selling patents. Our extensive techno-legal experience enables us to shortlist candidate patents and generate claim charts that are used by our clients during licensing negotiations. We perform a detailed due diligence for patents you look forward to acquiring.

Licensing Support – Licensing/Selling Patents

We, at Winsome IP, help you in asserting your patents to generate licensing revenue by identifying patent candidates for assertion, mapping the patents to potentially overlapping companies and products, and identifying evidence of use through functional testing and software analysis.

We have the right blend of technical, IP, and business related experience supported by a wide range of resources. Based on this mix of skills and resources, we can help you by significantly improving your position in licensing negotiations and patent litigation

The first step in the process of selling patents is identifying patents that can be sold. This is a very difficult task as it involves extensive technical and legal evaluation of the patents. Technical evaluation includes analysis of the technology, claims construction, and market, as well as a prior art search. Once the technical evaluation is completed, we help you with finding better qualified buyers.

Due Diligence – Acquire Patents

We offer a wide range of services in the due diligence service package. Extensive due diligence is essential before acquiring a patent portfolio and includes technical analysis, claim construction, validity assessment, file history analysis, finding Evidence of Usage, and ownership and age analysis. We can either provide you the complete service package or help you with specific services.

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