Validation/Invalidation Searches

An Invalidity/ Validity Search is a comprehensive search conducted to uncover any existing prior art (Patent or Non patent) which can affect the validity of a granted patent.

You require a validity assessment search:

  • before entering into licensing, buying or selling agreements, as it is essential to check the validity of the patent for which money is to be invested
  • if facing a patent infringement lawsuit, it is always the first step of defense to invalidate the claims of that granted patent thus invalidating it
  • to oppose the patent of a strong contender during the post grant opposition period

We, at Winsome IP, use systematic and logical approach for conducting validity assessment searches. We perform a thorough review of the File Wrapper/Prosecution History of the patent so that we have a clear understanding of the Novelty and are aware of any prosecution history estoppel.

Our technical experts have provided our clients with prior art references which they have successfully used during their infringement trials or Licensing deals.

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