Patent Licensing Support

We help you turn your patents into money!! Based on our extensive experience working in this industry, we have developed a successful model for patent monetization. The model includes the following aspects.

  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Identification of Key Patents
  • Search for Evidence of Usage (EoU) in Products
  • Market Intelligence and Assessment of Target Products
  • Preparation of EoU/Claim Charts

Portfolio Assessment: If you have a big patent portfolio, it is necessary to answer the following questions before going ahead with the licensing campaign.

  • In which technology clusters can the patent portfolio be segregated?
  • What is your strength in the terms of patents in each of the technology clusters?
  • Based on your product portfolio, which technology clusters are open for licensing/selling patents?
  • Which technology clusters are more commercially valuable?

We, at Winsome IP, perform an extensive assessment of your patent portfolio to answer the questions above. We come up with insights that can help you in making business decisions such as which patents to sell and which patents to license out.

Identification of Key Patents: The key patents for licensing/selling should be identified based on the following criteria.

  • Scope/Strength of the independent claims
  • Number of forward and backward citations
  • Number of family members
  • Core or non-core technology for the client
  • Estimated commercial value of the patents

Based on the above criteria and other factors, we help you identify a set of key patents that should be further investigated for licensing/selling. The identification can be based on either manual analysis or automated ranking techniques.

Evidence of Usage (EoU) in Products/Standards: We, at Winsome IP, specialize in performing exhaustive product search to identify infringing products/services. We can either focus on a specific set of target companies or run open searches to identify all the players using the patent technology. While performing the product search for a patent, we take care of the priority data of the patent and launch date of each of the products/services being considered.

Due to our sound technical background, we have the required skills to study technology standards in detail and check for infringement.

Market Intelligence and Assessment of Target Products: Once the infringing products are identified, it is important to perform the market assessment of the products. The results of this analysis form one of the factors in deciding the licensing fee/royalty. Some examples of the data points identified in a market assessment of a product are as follows.

  • Revenue associated with the product or the product segment
  • Growth prospects
  • Market Size
  • Award/Recognitions

We rely on SEC filings and other authentic sources of information for such studies.

Preparation of EoU/Claim Charts: We have extensive experience in generating detailed claim charts. EoU/Claims charts are documents that illustrate the extent of overlap between one or more claims and a target product. We make sure that we perform a thorough file history analysis of the patent and take into account any prosecution history estoppel. If required, we also include specification support associated with each of the claim limitations. You can use these documents for making convincing arguments in licensing negotiations.

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